aLifveForms operate as the marker of constructed authorship and an evolutionary process of identity-making and -unmaking. They explore questions of identity and reality as it is constituted through language. JP Raether activates these AlterIdentities, which appear as humanoid beings in performative, distributed social interventions, engaging an elaborated vocabulary. In their appearances, the AlterIdentities work to demonstrate that in every common reality the potential for another reality is always present. There are currently three active AlterIdentities. Transformellae research globalized and industrialized human reproduction. The Swarm-Being trace the transnational circulations of bodies in trade and tourism. Protektoramae seek out sites of production of contemporary information technologies, interrogating the relation of the human body to its technological devices. Within aLifveForms’ mythic existence, media such as photography emerges as derivatives of their performative appearances. Their sculptural practice crystallizes the AlterIdentities’ psycho-reality into complex, sculptural-spatial ensembles.


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